Splat Cymru was founded by James Barker and the concept originated from his time as a teacher. James was responsible for organizing small art projects which were run through secondary schools and linked to feeder primary schools in the local area (RAISE projects).

The purposely created projects were to be creative, fun and to raise self-esteem within the pupils (see appendices). This was the perfect opportunity to put into practice on a larger scale, James’ teaching talents of creativity and specific skills. As the projects progressed within the schools it became apparent that the benefits were huge for the children, and schools started making enquiries for independent projects.

In 2012, James was employed to deliver a wide range of projects focusing on key areas within art and technology. These projects were a massive success, not only for the children who achieved highly advanced skills, but, for the schools who implemented the work into their inspection frame work. 

This spawned interest and in the of Summer 2013 a school piloted a project under the name of Splat. That project created new learning environments, outdoor activities, and a pupil-led exploration table.

Given James’ passion for social engagement and learning, Splat showed a potential for a wider development outside of schools and into the community. Splat Cymru is a small idea to provide creativeness, fun and to raise self-esteem which what Splat does best, but to a wider audience.

This gained momentum in the Summer of 2014, with small one-day creative art based projects for the community in the local area. This was a great success and has led to Splat Cymru becoming a new a social enterprise, a nonprofit organization that develops highly structured projects all over South-West Wales.