Our Team


James is a father of five, a foster carer, an artist/sculptor and a teacher for over 13 years. James is the managing director of Splat Cymru. James generates an enormous amount of enthusiasm and energy in creating and delivering art and technology projects. James’ imagination is unbound being both innovative and inspirational to all the children and people he meets. “Getting people to think creatively about all aspects of life” Splat Cymru is a testament to this.




Katrina is a mother of five, and a foster carer. Katrina is the administrative officer for Splat Cymru, Katrina is responsible for all our admin at Splat Cymru and our DBS officer. Katrina also manages all our time Credit information.



Carla is an enthusiastic individual bursting with creativity. Carla has a Fine Art Degree Artist in Drawing, print making and painting. Carla specializes in print making and surface pattern. Carla’s experiences in the art world and community projects has a huge benefit to Splat Cymru. Carla is a great communicator and a people’s person.




Zoe is Splat Cymru’s “go to person”. Zoe is skilled and very experienced with all of Splat Cymru’s projects. Zoe supports our young volunteers when running a project. Zoe sets up activities and packs down. No project works well without Splat Cymru’s Zoe.