Splat Cymru has worked with both primary and secondary education sectors over the last four years on some fantastic projects. Both outdoor and indoor projects, from creating outdoor learning environments for numeracy and literacy to STEM projects.

Splat Cymru can work with the school to create a tailor made project as a whole school activity or on a focused target group.

School Testimonies

 As a school we have worked closely with Splat Cymru on a number of projects. These include;

  • After school art club provision. These clubs have developed key art skills, working with various key elements including paint, pastilles, and pencils. The club has developed many key skills, and has provided extended learning opportunities in the development of the extended curriculum.
  • Developing outdoor leaning areas. These projects included developing outdoor learning spaces primarily for Foundation Phase pupils. The projects entailed creating 3D sculptures, creating outdoor numeracy and literacy resources. These areas have been heavily used and have provided pupils with key skills development, they have developed the whole child and have re-engaged disaffected learners.
  • Eco school Provision-Splat Cymru has worked with pupils in order to create an Eco garden. They have created large outdoor planters, worked on creating recycled garden furniture as well as fully engaging pupils during all aspects of the development process.
  • Engaging Disadvantaged Learners- Splat Cymru has worked with and re-engaged disadvantaged and disengaged learners with the National Curriculum. This has been done through though provoking workshops, bringing in and developing key literacy and numeracy skills. They have developed the whole child, and have once again developed key skills.
  • Developing ICT Skills- Splat Cymru has worked with pupils creating both I-movie trailers and I-movies following a European exchange project. Pupils presented their work using short video clips, photographs, music and creating voice overs. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this experience and have life long memories as a result of this work.

I fully support the work and dedication of the Splat Cymru team. If you require any additional information, please contact the school on the above telephone number.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Gareth James
Head teacher