STEM projects

Our stem projects are unique and have the right balance of learning and fun. From bridge building with spaghetti to dropping cars loaded with plasticine, these projects aim at demonstrating the practical side of science and technology, showing what forces, energy and loads can do. Children will be applying the use of mathematical equations to real life situations, along with problem solving whilst testing out their theories.

STEM projects can run run as group activities or on an individual base. We have an exciting list of projects….

Options; Day/half day activities, these can be set projects that will have an end result such as:  (Adapted to both primary and secondary)

  • 3D drawing (one point) and (two point perspective) illustration
  • The Drop
  • Robotics (why did the robot cross the road)
  • Structures and buildings (Design model making)
  • Recycled building day creating tower structure (fun activity with bottles)
  • Bridge building Project big activity in solving pipe section and attachments
  • Virtual building Project (small design brief and spec)